Women's Hair Loss Causes And The Recommended Treatments

Women’s hair loss due to hereditary is a major problem as about 35 million women in the US have some degree of loss due to genetics and this is not counting those women that have hair loss due to stress, hormonal changes, and changes due to pregnancy.

Add to this the fact that female hair loss usually shows up as a thinning all over instead of, in the case of a male, on the top and front of the scalp with Normal hair growth on the sides and back that’s the area that can be used as a donor area in the case of a hair transplant and you see that to some degree options for women are limited more so then with men-see the chart below for examples of possible progression.

Hair growth cycle

Female hair loss

OK then what can be done – well here are some options and suggestions that may help but due to the complexity of women’s hair loss one thing is needed before any program of hair regrowth is started on and that is to get with a doctor that specializes in this area and find out for sure what the cause of YOUR particular form of hair loss is.

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It wouldn’t make much sense putting a lot of time and money into a hair restoration regime only to find out your problem wasn’t what you’re working on.

Once you have the diagnosis then your ready to look at your options and there are several although some are somewhat controversial.

I believe that all of them may have benefits for women under different circumstances but only with the knowledge gained from a through exam of your hair loss problem can you make a reasoned choice on how best to proceed.

As discussed on the home page and noted for male hair loss is the latest drug dutasteride – sold under the brand name of Avodart, Avalon in Europe (glaxo) it’s this drug that is showing such promise in male hair restoration although it is only available by prescription for male prostate enlargement at this time. It is also being tested for use as a hair restorer and is similar to the drug Propecia but there is nothing to report as to a release date for this use...

CAUTION again if you are a women in her child bearing years you shouldn’t use this drug and don’t handle the capsules and keep them away from children—only women who can say they cannot or won't become pregnant should consider using these drugs due to the possible birth defects and then only under a doctors care.

That said if you fit the group that pregnancy is not a problem it is something to talk with your doctor about and discuss whether you would be a good candidate as again women’s hair loss can have many causes and you need to know what is best for your problem and of course verify that it is DHT related.

The reason for all the buzz is the fact dutasteride has been shown to stop up to 94 percent of DHT conversion in men taking a loading dose of 1.5 mg a day for 10 days and 1 capsule at .50 mg a day after that.

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Propecia has been around for some time and is helping most men taking it to regain some regrowth but the fact that it only works on one type of the DHT problem and the fact that it only stops about 60 to 65 percent of DHT production puts dutasteride in the lead.

It is this dose that I have started on and it appears to be having the desired effect on the problem areas I am experiencing. I will keep this site updated with my progress

Another option is Rogaine 2% for women which appears to help the majority but its been reported that using the 5% solution would be even more effective although the down side of this is the report of dryness, itching and scalp irritation of course this would depend on the individual. Something to think about.

Another option that is expected in 3 to 4 years is the use of FUE (follicular unit extraction) transplantation. This is where a single hair follicle can be extracted and divided in the lab – copies of the original hair are grown, and multiplied then implanted back to the donor scalp.

In this way very little donor hair is needed which in the case of women with diffuse hair loss all over the scalp this could really help? As things progress I will keep this site updated.

Another possibility is the use of hair weaves, wigs and artificial hair add INS – depending on your hair loss severity and its cause and how you feel about your look you should check out some of the advances in this area. Some very good alternatives can be found here.

There is something else that you need to consider and that is the vitamin / mineral / amino acid connection to hair loss. I would recommend you to go to this section and consider the latest information on the use of the amino acid lysine as it relates to hair biology (an essential amino that’s required to utilize minerals properly) that promotes hair stasis and regroth--- this is good information for women with shedding problems as well as anyone with hair loss problems.

Top 10 Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss Immediately

In today’s time, hair fall is the most common of all disorders. Ideally there should be regrowth of hair after every hair that falls. But it has been seen, that hair is no more growing, which leads to balding. Any problem in the body and its system lead to increase in hair loss. Some of the common types of hair loss and their home remedies are described in this article.

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Common causes of hair loss

Some of the most common reasons of hair loss are as discussed below:

    - Dandruff: If you are suffering from hair fall then the first thing that you have to check is whether you are suffering from dandruff or not. Dermatitis is also a very common reason for hair loss.
    - Age: Generally one suffers from hair loss due to age. But nowadays you can have it anyway.
    - Genetic reasons:  Some type of hair loss is purely genetical, which cannot be treated easily.
    - Stress: This is one of the main reasons for getting bald. Avoid it as much as possible and exercise regularly.
    - Hormonal variations: Changes in hormonal levels due to pregnancy or other diseases, like hyperthyroidism, etc. can also lead to hair loss.
    - Poor blood circulation: If you do not massage your scalp during washing or with oil, then due to lack of blood circulation also, there is hair fall.

So these are some of thereasons of increasing cases of baldness nowadays. Still one should not lose heart, as there are some very good home remedies for stopping hair fall.

10 common home remedies for stopping hair fall

The treatment of hair loss with home remedies is the safest things to do, as they do not have any side effects. Although, it takes some time, but the patience, ultimately pays. Some of the common home remedies, which are easily, found in our homes, and are easy to apply, as well are as discussed below:

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    1.All of us know about the benefits of henna for good hair. But, if you mix a mashed beetroot into the henna paste, then you can stop hair fall.
    2.If Neem leaves are boiled in 4 cups of water, followed by cooling and filtering, and then the mixture is used for rinsing your hair, then it helps in reducing the hair loss.
    3.Applying fenugreek seeds, ground with water to make a paste, and applying to the head and rinsing after 40 minutes, is one other method of stopping hair loss. This should be applied every alternate day continuously for a month.
    4.If you oil your hair regularly with coconut oil, mixed with lime, then it prevents hairloss.
    5.If aloe vera is mixed with powdered Triphala, and applied to hair for at least 3 – 6 months, then there will be no hair loss.
    6.Just apply the juice of green coriander to your scalp. This will increase the hair growth.
    7.There are some remedies which you have to drink to cure the hair loss. One such remedy is to consume a cup of lettuce and spinach juice daily.
    8.The seeds of lime and black pepper are grounded to a paste. Applying this fine paste is a common method of treating hair loss.
    9.Instead of using chemical shampoos. You can make a mixture of curry leaves, rind of lemon, fenugreek seeds, shikakai, and green gram, and keep in a refrigerator. You can use them for washing your hair.
    10.If you add juice of amla and mix it with an equal amount of juice of lime, and add to your shampoo, then it will prevent hair loss.

What Women Must Know for Baldness Cure

We all know that women’s hair are their crowning glory. But what about for those women who are suffering from an illness and lose their hair? It is not possible, even if you say you are healthy, you would not know if you were going to be a victim of hair loss. That is right studies have shown that this kind sickness affects even women. But no worries, because of the non-stop research and developments that scientists are doing, they have developed a baldness cure just for women, the Spironolactone, this is a recommended medicine with the brand name of Aldactone. And thousands of women with hair loss problems are using it.

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The Spironolactone is a medicine that helps to stop the DHT from getting the hair loss message to the follicles. DHT or the dihydrostosterone, it has similar androgenic activity and it is a biologically active metabolite of testosterone. And Aldactone (Spironolactones) comes in two forms the Aldactone pill and the Aldactone lotion. Most women choose to use the aldactone pills because the lotion in form is said to be had a terrible smell. But, still do not close your mind for the possibilities of this medicine might have side effects for your baldness cure. You might get dizzy, dehydrated, allergic reactions and increase of your urine excretion. But during the first few days of using it, you will experience vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite.

But even if this was been proven and tested do not forget to consult your hair specialist first before you take this kind medicine. Same with the other baldness cure, especially if you want to undergo a hair transplant operation. For you will never know the consequences you will face just by taking these medicines.

Effective Hair Loss Baldness Treatment Options

Hair loss is a very common occurrence, more than 60 million Americans suffer from it. Since hair loss is hereditary, and many people think that there is no hair loss treatment available. The good news is that it involved several ways to deal with the problem of hair loss.

Alopecia is a hair different people. However, the first step in the treatment of hair loss, a doctor and a thorough medical examination. This is one way to find the exact cause of hair loss and determine the best treatment hair loss baldness. Hair loss in men and women is due to heredity, disease, malnutrition and side effects of medications. The only way to find cause baldness of each individual, to negotiate with your doctor.

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Hair loss is a hereditary disease, the doctor Donald be able to serve more. But there are treatments for alopecia hair loss available in the market that can effectively solve problems, whether the problem by genetics, disease, drugs or malnutrition. Two of these drugs are approved by the FDA. Finasteride and dutasteride are.

Many believe that the dutasteride hair removal treatment of the most advanced hair loss to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main cause of hair loss in men. Dutasteride has shown that it inhibits change in the situation, both enzymes testosterone into DHT. Generic Dutasteride works by reducing an enlarged prostate and reduces DHT 90% within two weeks and 93% over two years.

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Finasteride (Propecia) is another drug that prevents hair loss Alopecia hair loss. Propecia is the brand name treat hair loss, Finasteride contains. Finasteride has been shown in scientific studies to prevent hair loss. Finasteride works by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. In theory stop Propecia testesterone transition DHT, which prevents the satellite in relation to the hair follicle. Propecia is one of the best treatments for hair loss considered. Drugs is a particularly good little human hair, where users can save to your hair, no hair, promoting further loss.

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Propecia is undoubtedly one of the best treatments for hair loss because it has demonstrated its effectiveness and is also useful. Place a small pill every day, and need not to be confused with the hair. I am particularly good for those minimal hair loss because users can be sure to keep your hair without the progression of hair loss.

FDA approved the various hair loss hair loss Minoxidil 2% solution. Minoxidil is effective in hair care because it is effective in follicular recruitment, especially when combined with DHT inhibitors such as Propecia.

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These three products are part of the growing trend towards natural products, hair loss, hair loss, the effects of DHT. In addition, three other methods of hair loss treatment drug, acupuncture, aromatherapy and hair transplants, if .

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